As a designer, it can be challenging to bring classic traditions into a modern layout. That was the challenge in this gorgeous Purchase home.

The kitchen strikes a balance between the natural and the industrial, utilizing stone, wood, and leather alongside frosted glass and steel.

Crystal chandeliers play off of the open windows grid, emphasizing sunlight and nature as a backdrop to this refined setting.

Clean lines and minimalistic layouts allow for a tranquil feeling in the kitchen.

The Details of the Kitchen

Click on various elements of this room to learn a little bit more about the pieces that brought this all together.

The Details of the Kitchen
Island Chairs Crystal Chandeliers Cabinets Upper Cabinets Crystal Chandeliers Appliances and Cabinetry

Island Chairs

These gorgeous leather bar style chairs are etc etc

Crystal Chandeliers

Here is some information all about the chandelier, etc etc.


This carefully selected cabinetry takes a minimalist approach using wood textures that are framed in clean steel lines.

Upper Cabinets

This modern industrial cabinetry offers a refreshing contrast to the elements of nature that shine through in the windows around them.

Crystal Chandeliers

These chandeliers are beautiful and let in the sun etc etc etc

Appliances and Cabinetry

It was important that the cabinets and appliances merge together to create one overall impression on the viewer.